Oh, if only I had the time to come up with such clever tutorials as these! But why, when there are already so many creative folks sharing such lovely projects for us to craft away our weekends? More inspirations…here’s hoping you have some materials lying around your house just waiting to be transformed by one of these ideas:

Patchwork notebook cover | felt flower pillows | leather headband

  • If you like the idea of a quilt, but don’t quite have the time for one right now, how about whipping up a couple of these patchwork covers for standard composition notebooks? There’s even a pocket for your favorite pen or pencil built into the side (via Sew Mama Sew).
  • Spring can’t get here soon enough; until then maybe I’ll dream of days I can walk out the door without foot warmers in my boots and Hot Hands in my gloves by making some of these modern and springy felt flower pillows (care of The Purl Bee).
  • If you have some leather scraps lying around, or something leathery looking for a new life you can upcycle, these headbands are simple and stylish. The easy-to-follow tutorial is shared by Ruffles and Stuff’s Danielle Thompson.

envelope gift bag | Polaroid magnet | recycled bath towel rug

  • Do you have an envelope, but need a mini gift bag instead? Well, then it’s all just a matter of perspective. With some snips, folds and a little tape (abracadabra optional), you can transform any size envelope into an adorable tiny bag thanks to the clever Jessica at How About Orange.
  • What could be simplier than these Polaroid magnet frames? Just cut a hole out of a sheet of magnet paper, and voilĂ ! Nearly as instant as the old Instamatics (via the blog of papernstitch).
  • Bath towels getting threadbare and already have plenty of rags? Upcycle those old towels into a spa-like bath mat thanks to The Lost and The Found.