March 2011 calendar and bookmark with lotus flowerThis month’s calendar and bookmark is dedicated to EMW Yoga Center, the studio where I teach and practice, tying into the redesign of their logo and website I just completed (more to be posted on that later, including tips on wrangling a website published through Google Sites). Lots going on this month: St. Patrick’s Day of course, Mardi Gras, the return of daylight savings time and (hooray!) the first day of spring.

After a faulty printout by my dear husband when I requested a copy of last month’s calendar printed for my office, I’ve changed the print instructions slightly. They are no longer included at the bottom of the PDF, so you don’t need to worry about any fancy print window settings, and only 1 cut, 1 fold (and a bit of glue) is needed for everything to come together.


  1. Print on heavy weight paper (e.g. cardstock)
  2. Trim along dashed line under calendar
  3. Fold bookmark in half, glue both sides together and punch a hole at top (where the grey circle is); finish by adding a ribbon or tassel of your choice
  4. Hang your calendar, find a good book, and enjoy!