While Allrecipes.com has replaced Joy of Cooking and become my go-to resource for nearly everything I create in the kitchen, there are also several interesting recipes I have come across on the interwebs that I’m anxious to try. All of which happen to appeal to my substantial sweet tooth. If you make any of these, please do share your feedback and any tips or modifications you may have discovered.

Cinnamon sugar pull-apart breadRaspberry scones from Martha Stewartcaramel apple donuts

  • Cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread. Nothing more need be said.  If this tastes half as good as it looks we will be forever indebted to Joy The Baker.
  • I’m a big fan of the chocolate chip scones at my local coffee house (and their chai lattes too), but these fast raspberry scones from Martha Stewart could have me breakfasting at home.
  • I soured a bit on homemade donuts after my first batch of chocolates ones ended up more like bundt cakes, but these baked caramel apple donuts could get me to try again, especially since the the author of this recipe had a similar unfulfilling experience with some “comes with the pan” instructions. Although comparing my antique pan to the pictures in this recipe, the center part of my mold doesn’t rise up as high which may have contributed to my more cake-like results. (via shutterbean.com)

homemade oreosturtle icebox cookieschocolate caramel banana pot pie

  • Um…..yum! Homemade Oreos. Since I don’t have a circle cookie cutter I’m wondering if it would work just as well to roll the dough for the cookie part into a log and slice the cookies instead. Also, an ingredient note: superfine sugar is the same as the British caster sugar. (via Kichenist)
  • These turtle cookies are just about the cutest cookies I have ever seen…until you browse around Diamonds for Dessert‘s site and find even more adorable creations! I especially like that the green for the turtle shell was created using matcha powder rather than food dye.
  • One of my favorite desserts to make at home is to just melt a handful of chocolate chips in the microwave, slice up a banana, and dip. Chocolate and banana to me are an amazing combination. This chocolate caramel banana pot pie really takes it up a notch (natch, since it’s the creation of Chicago chefs The Hearty Boys). (via Daily Candy)

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