The robins are starting to appear, so in honor of the return of our feathery friends, this weekend projects post is going to the birds!

bird mobile made with stuffed fabric birdscraft; baby bluebirds in nestCupcakes decorated to look like a nest with baby bluebirds

  • Loving this bird mobile idea shared by Spool (a fabric store apparently located in Philadelphia) made from patchwork birds strategically placed on real branches. Even just a single branch would be a bright addition. [Note: the site doesn’t provide a step-by-step tutorial for the mobile, just a pattern for the birds, which is in the sidebar, or just click here]
  • If that bird mobile is a bit much, try this much simplier variation of baby bluebirds in their nest as wall art or a table centerpiece. While it just uses 2 plastic eggs, some paper and a painted paper plate, the end result is really charming despite it actually being a kid’s craft.
  • And to go with that new centerpiece, why not make these baby bluebird cupcakes?  It’s all about the decoration with these, just start with a cupcake flavor of your choice, apply a bit of chocolate frosting sprinkled with toasted coconut, pipe on the bluebirds using frosting, and finish with a dot of melted chocolate for their little eyes.

craft; bird in cage made of papercraft; Betz White felted birdhouse online workshopcraft; umbrella stand with foam duck feet

  • I’m a big fan of projects that use a minimum of materials for maximum effect. These mini bird cages fit the bill needing little more than a bit of paper, a cardboard lid (leftover from a pint of soy ice cream you know you deserve), and some spanish moss. Simply KellyB also provides a video demo and two other bonus bird projects in the post as well.
  • If you’re interested in trying community crafting in an online environment, check out the felted birdhouse online workshop offered by Betz White. You supply all the materials, she supplies video tutorials, patterns and hosts the community so you can share your creation with the other participants.  Cost is $25 and workshop runs from April 4-15. I’ve not yet tried one of her workshops, but she does some really cute work, and I’m very intrigued by the idea of this type of virtual crafting workshop.
  • This ‘fowl’ weather umbrella stand is quite possibly the cutest one I have ever seen! And simple to make too. I imagine the toughest part would be to find white stacking plastic wastebaskets


  • If you can’t get enough of birds, Peggy Turchette, the author of this blog, is in the process of creating art with a bird theme everyday this year.
  • And of course, if you’re not in the mood for crafting this weekend, there’s always Angry Birds — now with the original, Season, and the new Rio editions!