Since it’s still too early to do more than plan the garden, those fluffy bunnies in the yard are still cute and adorable. So until they become flower-mowing varmits, this weekend project post will celebrate them (although I suspect that if any of these crafts are still around my house in the summer I may be burning them in effigy or using them as voodoo dolls). It is the year of the rabbit after all…

Mini knitted stuffed bunniesnapkin origami; bunnyBunny shaped pancakes

  • These little bunny “nuggets” from Rebecca Danger knit up quick and are a great way to use up some of that extra yarn from other project you may have sitting around.
  • For Easter dinner or any meal you want to have more fun with, fold your linen napkins into bunnies, adding an optional nose and whiskers with some  string and a button attached using a safety pin.
  • Perhaps the bunny napkins will instead be a precursor to a breakfast of bunny pancakes, a clever if slightly work-intensive meal, at least for those of us that aren’t early birds. Rather than food coloring, I’d be interested in experimenting with strawberry puree for the pink portion of the bunny.

bunny finger puppet cardsewn and stuffed  fabric carrotsbunny-shaped cookies

  • I really like the basic idea of this rabbit finger puppet card, but think it needs a few more enhancements. To be able to mail or gift it, consider making the bunny bodies longer and maybe stitching them together (akin to the fingers of a glove), then tacking them either temporarily or permanently to the based of the card. If creating this as a greeting card, you’ll need to decorate the back side of the garden portion as well.
  • Carrots have always had strong association with bunnies (although in reality their diet consists of grass, herbaceous flowering plants and and leafy weeds). Simply Kelly B shares a step-by-step tutorial on how to stitch up your own bunch of carrots with some scrap fabric — and while orange is classic, be inspired by the real rainbow of carrot colors out there.
  • Once you tire of making fake food, head back to the kitchen and whip up a warren of these adorable little bunny cookies concocted by Open Mouth Insert Cookie.