Taking inspiration from all the fuss about the royal wedding across the pond next week, here are six ways you too can feel like royalty. Alert your staff and servants to get working on these ideas so you can recline on your throne whilst eating bonbons and watching Will and Kate tie the knot:

royal wedding party printablesformal custom crestraspberry and chocolate macarons by Food & Wine magazine

  • If you’re planning a regal nuptial viewing party, be sure to gear up your DVR as the ceremony starts at 6am Central Time. And make sure you have plenty of extra ink on hand to print out this set of free royal wedding party printables for your invites and decor from Design Editor (via How About Orange). Or check out the Conjugal Compendium by Boden USA which has it’s own set of invites and decoration ideas, as well as printable activities such as royal wedding bingo cards and a wedding spotter’s guide.
  • Every proper royal needs their own formal crest. This one from The Wedding Chicks, was intended for wedding stationary, but why not get creative with what you type into the three available fields? After choosing your color combinations*, a crest is generated that you can copy and paste and use however you’d like.

    *Playing with the color combinations is half the fun; note that there is a grey bar between the main image and the thumbnails on the page that shows the color swatches — I didn’t see this until I generated samples in nearly all the colors.

  • My royal bonbon of choice would definitely be raspberry macarons, a heavenly confection. While my first attempt at creating these ethereal cookies ended with several thrown in frustration against the kitchen wall, they remain at the top of my list of recipes to perfect. Before diving in, check out this article from Food & Wine magazine where master pastry chef François Payard shares a few tips.

therapeutic bath saltsknit dragon softiesoda bottle crown

  • Pamper yourself like the queen you are with an at home spa day including a steaming tub scented with therapeutic bath salts. If you want to step it up a notch, try your hand at a lemon and honey bath bomb. Experiences shared across the net seem varied as to success with these fizzy alternative to bubbles, so you might want to read through the experiences of Not Martha, and check the comments section on her post to pick up some tips and tricks.
  • Royal kingdoms are often beset by the attacks of fierce fire-breathing creatures. But when you knit up one of these dragon softies for your little prince or princess, no doubt they’ll want to smother it with love rather than slay it.
  • While no where near the realm of Her Majesty the Queen’s tiara collection, these glittering crystal crowns are perfect for brightening up your party buffet or the head of your little princess. Just get creative with a little glitter glue and a soda bottle (preferably RC Cola for authenticity, you know ;-)).

Want more on the royal wedding?

Check out the official royal wedding website

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