While we’re working toward a more minimalist lifestyle here at the casa, I’m also not about to start chucking stuff into a landfill to make that happen. So I’m always looking for ways to keep what we do have neatly organized until I can find a new way to repurpose it. Here are a handful of great do-it-yourself projects for keeping stuff organized from around the web that are on my to-make list:

Wall mounted spice rackAccessory organizer

  • While it may not been the optimal way to store seasonings (aren’t they supposed to be kept in a dark and cool location for freshness?) this wall mounted spice rack does have the added benefit of acting as a bit of an art piece in the kitchen. And taken to other parts of the house, the idea could be extended to hold crafting or sewing odds and ends. While the concept is nothing new, this do-it-yourself post from The Kitchn is particularly nice as it provides links to the supply list as well as three other variations for similar storage.
  • I love the idea of this accessory organizer as functional art. As my jewelry is currently living in zip-top snack bags thrown into a plastic bin, I need to get on this idea right away. I might try to integrate a few hooks for necklaces and a way for it to hold post earrings as well. And perhaps instead of one large frame, a grouping of several small ones might be in order.
  • While they may have originally been intended for kids toys, these hanging fabric storage baskets could be used for just about anything. Although I would likely modify these plans and use a hanging rod that supports a bit more weight.

Flip flop and ballet shoe hangersCardboard tube cable organizerPocket door caddy

  • Even though I don’t take my clothes to the cleaners often, those flimsy wire hangers seem to multiply around the house. This idea from Epbot to repurpose them into custom hangers for flip flops or ballet flats is a great space saving solution. If you don’t have a low clothing rod in your closet, a quick and easy alternative to breaking out the toolbox would be to use a tension rod.
  • Some of my favorite projects are clever ways to look at items that would otherwise be trash. I’ve shared one way to reuse cardboard toilet or paper towel rolls for a wreath, and this idea uses them to organize extra cables (via Lifehacker).
  • I have a store-bought version of this pocket door caddy hanging on the inside of our coat closet. Originally meant for shoes (and apparently for people with tiny munchkin feet unlike mine),  it works fabulously to hold winter hats, gloves, scarves and the like. Using these instructions as a base, you could create hanging pocket caddies in a variety of sizes and fun fabrics.

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