As the weather warms, one’s thoughts naturally begin to fill with images of gooey marshmallows, melted chocolate and crisp graham crackers. The delight of summer campfires or beach bonfires (the latter providing the finishing touch of sand grit)  — the s’more.

But that toasted goodness no longer need be confined to the outdoors! In fact, you can have them all year-round, as this smörgåsbord of recipes for turning a whole host of desserts into variations on the theme of s’mores attests.

S'mores on a stickS'mores cupcakeS'mores truffles

  • Smores pops: S’mores on a stick. The basics — marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate then rolled in graham cracker crumbs. On a stick. I’m not a fan of food on a stick. It leaves too much evidence of just how many of these you ate.
  • Smores cupcakes: Now this is a cupcake. No boxed cake mix here, either. The topping is a frosting rather than actual marshmallow, toasted with a kitchen torch.
  • S’mores truffles: Chocolate wrapped around a mini marshmallow, rolled in graham cracker crumbs. Kinda like the s’more on a stick, but fancier.

S'mores cookiesS'mores sandwichesS'mores brownies

  • S’mores cookies: You could make chocolate chip again, but why, when you can make s’mores cookies?
  • S’mores sandwiches: The Martha Stewart take [in Martha-ese, “marshmallow cookie sandwiches”]. Giant homemade marshmallows, (preferably) handmade grahams, and no doubt only the finest chocolate. The royal version of this humble treat.
  • S’mores brownie: Brownies. With marshmallows on top. Graham cracker crust. Need I say s’more?

S'mores crepesFrozen s'moresS'mores cups

  • S’mores crepes: What do you do when the cupboard is barren of graham crackers, but you have leftover crepes hanging around? Why you make s’mores crepes of course! (But really…who has leftover crepes hanging around the house? When I make crepes, they go directly from the pan into my mouth, so there’s never any to serve, let alone extras).
  • Frozen s’mores: Proof that s’mores are the ultimate chameleon. While traditionally a roasted treat, s’mores need not be left out of the frozen dessert category. Layer a brownie base with discs of swiss almond and chocolate ice creams, then top with a chocolate wafer cookie and some toasted mini marshmallows.
  • S’mores cups: Simple, but effective. Graham cracker crusts with a marshmallow sandwiched between melted chocolate.

Peanut butter s'mores turnoversS'mores gluten-free cheesecakeS'mores party favors

Do you know s’more?

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