The previous compilation of stuff to make from t-shirts being my number one post to date, here are a few more ideas of how to turn old or freebie t-shirts into something other than rags:

t-shirt refashioned into a shrugShirt created from restyling t-shirtsT-shirt dress inspired by Prada

  • Create this romantic-looking  t-shirt shrug in just five easy steps.
  • I particularly love the silhouette of this re-fashioned top created from two complementary t-shirts
  • Turn your t-shirt into haute couture with this video tutorial on turning 3 t-shirts into a Prada-inspired dress. This is my far my favorite project for re-purposing t-shirts, although I suspect one must be a fairly skilled seamstress to execute this one.

Jumper-type skirt re-fashioned from t-shirtYarn for knitting or crochet created from t-shirt stripsHeadband embellished with coiled t-shirt strips

  • When summertime hits, it seems free t-shirts begin to pop-up everywhere, but almost always far too large to actually wear. They’re a great source of  free fabric though, so just use one to sew yourself up one of these cute jumper skirts.
  • For the knitters (and crocheters) out there, why not turn old t-shirts into “yarn”?
  • T-shirts don’t have to be re-fashioned into clothes, you can turn them into accessories too. Strips from t-shirt hems work particularly well to create the embellishments for these spiral headbands.
For even more t-shirt projects, check out the Generation T website.

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