Because one can never have enough dessert (and if you’re still trying to figure what to get Dad on Sunday, one of these ideas might also make quite a tasty gift).

Chocolate chip cookie stuffed with an Oreo cookieSingle serving pie in a jarHomemade candy buttons

  • Utter brilliance: A “Double Stuf” Oreo cookie nestled inside a chocolate chip cookie. It’s the turducken of desserts.
  • Single-serve pies in canning jars. I’ve seen mini pies before, but didn’t know you could freeze them and then just pop them in the oven when you needed some sweet comfort. While I suppose the half-pint size is good for portion control, I personally prefer much larger servings (I have been know to easily take down half a pie in a single sitting)– apple only, of course.
  • Homemade candy buttons. Did you know candy buttons are just drops of royal icing? I had no idea! A great idea for party favors or when you need a whole batch of gifts. If you are adverse to using egg whites, this version suggests meringue powder instead.

Cookies 'n cream cheesecake cupcakesHippo frosted sugar cookiesBrown sugar meringue capped brownie

  • I was scarred many, many years ago by an overpowering and lengthy exposure to the smell of baking cheesecake. Despite my ingrained aversion, these mini cookies ‘n cream cheesecake cupcakes (and the passage of time) might make me consider a nibble.
  • No doubt you have a owl cookie cutter lying around you’ve become bored of (because of course, who doesn’t?!)….for the rare few of you with such a passion for cutouts that you have an metal owl cookie cutter (or are synchronistically in possession of said item), a few strategic tugs and that owl shape a turns into the form for these super cute hippo face cookies.
  • These are brown sugar meringue-capped brownies with toasted almonds and chocolate chunks. The recipe ends with “store in your stomach”. Yes.

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