Chicago is a very foodie town, heck one of the current best restaurants in America is in Lincoln Park, and the first woman to win “Top Chef” hails from the city. Famous chefs and new restaurants abound, so trying out new eateries becomes something of a hobby when you live here. And when something’s good, you gotta share.

Today a bit of shopping brought @chicagosean and I down to the Loop. In search of some vittles, we headed over to check out the offerings at Block 37. The basement level of this shopping complex is actually part of the Chicago Pedway system, and quite a lovely part at that. Connecting the CTA State & Lake Red line stop and the Washington Blue line, this section of the pedway is spankin’ new and littered with an assortment of quick-serve restaurants; unlike the stretch around Macy’s which is the section I see most often, and to put it kindly has a fragrance all its own.

Which Wich® Superior SandwichesToday’s stop was the new Which Wich sandwich place. Their gimmick is that you pick your sandwich by pulling a bag from a wall of 10 different sandwich categories, then checking off your requested toppings right on the bag itself. The whole place has a cheery vibe which is reinforced by bright yellow walls and strings of customer decorated bags hanging on another wall. I went with the vegetarian category, and tried out the noted “customer favorite” tomato and avocado. Then on to customizing; and you really have a wide array of options; I ended up with toasted white bread, mozzarella, ranch dressing,  caramelized onions, cucumber, oregano, garlic and pepper. A definitive yum, which has a lot to do, @chicagosean and I agreed, with the bread — it’s crispy on the outside, slightly chewy on the inside and has really good flavor. @chicagosean went with the chicken category, and tried out the Buffalo chicken sandwich which he found to be quite delicious (and that’s high praise indeed– don’t let the moniker fool you, @chicagosean grew up a Buffalo boy). He also gave the place extra bonus points for the availability of crushed ice in the fountain drinks.

Beard Papa's Fresh 'n Natural Cream PuffsAfter our sandwiches, we stopped in to the amazing, but curiously named Beard Papa’s to sample their strawberries & cream cream puff. If you haven’t been to Beard Papa’s, put this on your to-do list. The pastry is light and airy, and the strawberries taste as fresh as if you pick them yourself. Scrumptious.

Photo Credits: I didn’t think to pull out the camera today, so all photos are from Which Wich’s and Beard Papa’s sites respectively.