The interwebs once again are full of  wonderful distractions. Some stories piquing my interest include a new take on a children’s classic, origami, learning more about my iPhone’s camera, and getting inspired by a neuroanatomist’s first-hand experience of stroke :

» For the little digital set, an update to a classic: Goodnite iPad 

» I prefer to borrow books from the library so I’m always looking for a bookmark. This one is super cute, but it just might drive you insane. I finally figured it out after 3 tries and what seemed like hours —  if you attempt to fold this, make sure it’s on a day you’re feeling really patient. Maybe after you’ve meditated: Origami Cat Bookmark 

» Facebook is so passé. Instagram where it’s at. So now that I’m taking more pictures, besides being on the lookout for free apps with extra filters, I’d like to do more than point-and-shoot. Learning more about the options button the iPhone camera: HDR: On or Off? 

» The essence of our being as shared by a brain scientist through her experience of having a stroke. Powerful and beautiful: Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight

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