Things that fascinated me this week included making my own Wheat Thins, getting back into Downton Abbey, being inspired by French street art, a quick and easy knitting tip, and some gorgeous nature photography.

» Turns out if you make them yourself, Wheat Thin crackers only need 7 ingredients (strangely one of them is vanilla): Homemade Wheat Thins

» Dowton Abbey is back! [Actually they’re already more than halfway through the second season, I just wasn’t paying attention]. If you haven’t yet seen this fascinating PBS mini-series about the family and staff of an English country estate, check out season 1 on Netflix. And prepare yourself for a marathon session on the couch, you won’t want to stop watching. The first four season 2 episodes are available online until March 6, but I also noticed that PBS is replaying earlier episodes as well: Masterpiece Classic – Dowton Abbey

» Art is everywhere. French street artist OaKoAk sees Spiderman’s swinging from in a crack in a wall, an alligator in peeling paint, and Pinocchio’s nose in a protruding pole. With this kind of perspective, you may never walk down the street the same way again: French Street Art
See more here , here  and here (in French)

» I’m still quite an amateur knitter, so this clever shortcut for making faux cables on ribbed fabric with just a few well placed stitches is a trick I’ll be trying: Tucked Ribbing Tutorial

» With the cold, grey days of a Chicago winter it’s easy to forget the astounding beauty of nature. But these stunning, watercolor-esque photographs of insects are a fabulous reminder of how exquisite our world can be: Surreal Macro Photographs of Insects

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