In yoga asana we often move through “a vinyasa” — three poses performed together which serve to release us from attachment to previous poses and prepare us for a fresh move forward. This action effectively ‘wipes the slate clean’. While complete in just a breath and a half, as is typical in yoga, there is a lot going on:

EXHALE: Plank pose [press energy back through the heels; spiral the thighs inward toward each other; lift the hips slightly; tone the belly; roll the shoulders down the back; press the back of the heart toward the sky; spiral the arms away from each other so the inner elbows face forward; press firmly into all points of contact with the palms; spread the fingers wide; gaze forward slightly to elongate the neck]. Lower down to Chaturanga Dandasana [keep the elbows tight into the side ribs; lower the body as if a plank halfway down ensuring the shoulders do not fall below the elbows; keep the shoulders rolling down the back; energy moving through the backs of the legs; gaze continues forward]

INHALE: Urdhva Mukha Svanasana [pull the heart forward as you straighten the arms bringing the shoulders above the wrists and coming to the tops of the feet; roll the shoulders down the back; bring an outer rotation back to the arms; engage the seat; press back through the tailbone]

EXHALE: Adho Mukha Svanasana [flip the feet; press the hips skyward and the chest toward the thighs; pull the quadriceps up; gaze at the knees or navel; press energy evenly down the backs of the legs; engage the abdominals; spiral the thighs in toward one another; stretch the spine long; press firmly into the mat with the palms, especially the webbing between the index finger and thumb]

All that while trying to keep the face soft, the breath easy, and maybe a slight upward turn to the lips.

This post is my blog version of a vinyasa. I started Counting the Leaves primarily to capture crafting project ideas and recipes I wanted to try in a more organized fashion for easier reference. But (partially because I use the free hosted version of WordPress, and mostly because I’m particular), those posts ended up being incredibly time consuming to put together. Then Pinterest came along and made what I had been trying to do here so much faster and easier.

At the start, I had faint aspirations of becoming something of a writer. It seemed a romantic way of making a living, or in this case spending my free time. But the thought of writing a blog post after authoring seemingly endless emails and reports at the day job was daunting and frankly become just another item to haunt me on the never-ending to-do list.

I tried sharing interesting stories I came across on the internet in the Our Fascinating World posts. While there was always something interesting to learn, at some point the only thing that kept those going was a bit of self-imposed guilt and that I enjoyed putting together the collage that led off each one of those posts.

An attempt at book reviews felt forced, not flowing, and this blog ended up a weight on my shoulders — something I thought I should do, because “everyone else does”. Something that taunted me with as I pulled up my single digit stats daily; even hourly. Another way to judge myself as somehow less — because my writing wasn’t as good, my content not as interesting, my images not as original, my site design not as sophisticated, my stats mockingly lower than, my mental image of “everybody else”.

So it was not without hesitation that I paid the $12 to renew my domain name as January 1 approached. But there has been a lot of change in my life in the last six months; change that might be useful to share with others, change that it might be useful for me to learn more from by using this forum to talk about it out loud.

So this is my blog vinyasa; wiping the slate clean. Starting over, starting fresh. Cleared of preconceptions of what the future holds, cleared of the attachments of the past. Just present. Just now.

And when the leaves begin to bud on the trees once again, I’ll begin the count all over again.

exhale. inhale. exhale.