The other day in coffee shop bathroom of all places (but this is Boulder) I saw a great poster which read simply: You should make something. And I thought yes, I should. For a while I mulled over what it was I should be making and how often. A doodle a day? I tried one of those photo-a-day things on Instagram in December and lasted all of three days, so I wasn’t feeling confident that I’d be able to follow through on anything too prescriptive. But giving myself a daily challenge would provide some discipline to my current life sabbatical and encourage more growth and learning while I figure out who I want to be.

Stepping back and considering “make something” from a broader perspective, I realized I already was doing something creative, artistic, or new quite often, if not everyday. I just wasn’t giving myself credit. So I’m taking on a challenge to myself to recognize and celebrate those acts of creation and encourage more of them everyday —  whether that be making a new recipe, a piece of art, a new discovery, a new friend, a new altitude (it is Boulder, remember, with plenty of mountaintops to summit), or just time for something I might not have done otherwise. And I’ll start it off with a new attitude, one of acceptance of imperfection. I may miss a day, or two or three, but making peace with that and moving on is good for my growth too.