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Left: An adorable wind-up paper butterfly from; Right: My flop attempt

Left: An adorable wind-up paper butterfly project from You Are My Fave Right: My failed attempt

Sometimes making something doesn’t quite work out.

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As a lactose-sensitive person and both the primary cook and grocery shopper in the house, we haven’t kept milk on hand for the last 14 or so years. Little bits of dairy, or low-lactose foods like cheese, butter, and yogurt with live cultures are no problem, but I’ve had to find alternatives to a bowl of ice cream or milk in my granola. With the abundance of milk alternatives these days, going dairy-lite has been pretty easy. I’ve made the rounds with rice milk, soy milk, hemp milk, and almond milk easily substituting any of these for the real thing in plenty of recipes.

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The other day in coffee shop bathroom of all places (but this is Boulder) I saw a great poster which read simply: You should make something. And I thought yes, I should. For a while I mulled over what it was I should be making and how often. A doodle a day? I tried one of those photo-a-day things on Instagram in December and lasted all of three days, so I wasn’t feeling confident that I’d be able to follow through on anything too prescriptive. But giving myself a daily challenge would provide some discipline to my current life sabbatical and encourage more growth and learning while I figure out who I want to be.

Stepping back and considering “make something” from a broader perspective, I realized I already was doing something creative, artistic, or new quite often, if not everyday. I just wasn’t giving myself credit. So I’m taking on a challenge to myself to recognize and celebrate those acts of creation and encourage more of them everyday —  whether that be making a new recipe, a piece of art, a new discovery, a new friend, a new altitude (it is Boulder, remember, with plenty of mountaintops to summit), or just time for something I might not have done otherwise. And I’ll start it off with a new attitude, one of acceptance of imperfection. I may miss a day, or two or three, but making peace with that and moving on is good for my growth too.

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