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I’m not big on carbonated beverages. Water and tea (hot or iced) are my thirst quenchers of choice. Recently however, while on vacation in Colorado I found myself on an a spontaneous treasure hunt for sparkling water across the city of Manitou Springs.

Located at the based of Pikes Peak (a 14,115 foot mountain and designated National Historic Landmark), the city’s history is closely tied to natural mineral springs which helped to establish it early on as a spa destination. A quick Google search to learn more about what makes the water here so unique yielded the seeds for an impromptu scavenger hunt to find and sample the water from 10 different publicly accessible spigots that dot the small town. Read the rest of this entry »


Chicago is a very foodie town, heck one of the current best restaurants in America is in Lincoln Park, and the first woman to win “Top Chef” hails from the city. Famous chefs and new restaurants abound, so trying out new eateries becomes something of a hobby when you live here. And when something’s good, you gotta share.
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Feet at Farmers Market

There’s something about this accidental photo that I just really love.
Taken at the Division Street Farmers Market on June 18, 2010.

Chicago's Division Street Farmers Market

Herbs and other plants at the Division Street Farmers Market

Chicago weather may be a fickle bitch, but we finally had a Saturday (June 18) that was one of those days that wipes away the memory of the long winter and drizzly spring. In taking advantage of the beautiful weather and walk-ability of this great city, a quick jaunt to the farmer’s market turned into a spontaneous Saturday that highlighted some of what I love most about Chicago.

The morning began with a hop on the L; destination: the Division Street Farmers Market. Two blocks of this usually busy, bar-lined city street are closed off every Saturday morning in the summertime and filled with farmers, bee-keepers, bakeries, creperies and the like.
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chicagosean deliberates

@ChicagoSean deliberates the crowning of the best ribs at Ribfest

For a few months every year Chicago becomes the City of Neighborhood Street Festivals. Despite the miserable weather of the past few days, this weekend was filled with fests: The Old Town Art Fair/Wells Street Art Festival, the Andersonville Midsommarfest, Chicago Blues Festival, and Ribfest Chicago.

In search of the city’s best ribs, I headed over to Ribfest with @ChicagoSean and @GapandYap to find the best BBQ ribs the city has to offer. While our goal was to try all the ribs out there, we only made it two-thirds of the way though; stuffing ourselves silly after splitting 10 different rib samplers (each containing 3 bones) of the 15 different restaurants showing (excluding the Korean BBQ place, because really…). Read the rest of this entry »

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