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A snowy hike below Bear Peak [Boulder, CO]

The trails got deep into my soul today, and wove this little poem through my head as I hiked.

Into the snowy wood

A path of white beneath my feet

Fairy dust falling from the branches of the pines that salute Bear Peak

A flood of bright sunlight glazes the forest

A last uphill push

Before the path wanders back down

The silence broken only by the caw of a bird

And the crunch, crunch as my feet sink into the ski-worn path below my boots

A snowy hike below Bear Peak [Boulder, CO]


Marshall Mesa Trail
Superbowl Sunday had me out exploring a new trail with a new friend. This time the hike was on an expanse of land just south of Boulder, called the Marshall Mesa. The wide open area is perfect for wiling away a few hours getting to know someone as the inclines are gentle enough that you won’t lose your breath while chatting away; and if you get lost in conversation, the trailhead is nearly always within sight.

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South Fork Shanahan Ridge Trail to Mesa Trail to North Fork Shanahan Ridge Trail
Living in Boulder is all about the trails. Hiking is exercise, recreation, a way to socialize, explore, confront your fears, and take loads and loads of scenic photos. Living at the base of a mountain, I understand now Monet’s repetitive painting of haystacks; like the constantly changing light he attempted to capture with oil paint, I find myself using a camera to explore the ever shifting cloud formations and effects of the sun on an otherwise unchanging subject. A favorite muse is Bear Peak, regularly featured on my Instagram¬†feed. But getting into the mountains or on the mesa trails offer¬†even more subjects to explore via the lens — from wide-open vistas, to layers upon layers of mountains, pine-lined paths, and majestic boulders.

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