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Marshall Mesa Trail
Superbowl Sunday had me out exploring a new trail with a new friend. This time the hike was on an expanse of land just south of Boulder, called the Marshall Mesa. The wide open area is perfect for wiling away a few hours getting to know someone as the inclines are gentle enough that you won’t lose your breath while chatting away; and if you get lost in conversation, the trailhead is nearly always within sight.

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The interwebs once again are full of ¬†wonderful distractions. Some stories piquing my interest include a new take on a children’s classic, origami, learning more about my iPhone’s camera, and getting inspired by a neuroanatomist’s¬†first-hand experience of stroke :

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Feet at Farmers Market

There’s something about this accidental photo that I just really love.
Taken at the Division Street Farmers Market on June 18, 2010.